• 2011-05-29 Jesus as the Living Water - Haidian Chri

  • 2011-06-05 Be a Forgiving Person - Haidian Christia

  • 2011-06-12 Live by God's Promise - Haidian Christia

  • 2011-06-19 Believing is Seeing - Haidian Christian

  • 2011-06-26 The Good Shepherd and His Sheep - Haidia

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  • Hard work and self-defense - fasting in the pre-bitter period [123 Forty days before Easter (not counting the main day), the church...

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  • About who to pray Q: Someone prayed to the Father and someone prayed to the Lord Jesus Some people prayed to the Holy Spirit, and o...

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  • The Birth of Jesus Christ, Luke 2:1-7 (Chinese Standard Version) 1 In those days, Caesar Augustus issued a decree, requiring all pe...
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